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Why You Need A Power of Attorney

Many people may think that a will is all they need for their estate planning. For certain purposes, those people may be correct.

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Why IRAs are Fabulous!

Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs) are fabulous retirement strategies. But they are fabulous estate planning devices as well. This is the beginning of a series of blog posts regarding the benefits of having an IRA.

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Mental Barriers to Estate Planning: "I Can't Decide What to Do with My Stuff!"

So you know you need a will. Your financial advisers have told you that. Your family and friends have told you that. And you even want to get a will. But you're not ready.

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The Ever Expanding World of Nonprofit Organizations

When you listen to the news, you will hear politicians arguing about whether the economy is growing at a sufficient pace. Perhaps the accusation is that the economy is worsening, or the economy is growing but too slowly, or the economy is fine today but will take a major downturn in the future.

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The Declaration of Independence and Business Formality

The Declaration of Independence is among the greatest pieces of writing in human history. The words of these documents have undoubtedly changed the "Course of human events," founding a nation and structuring a government that has done untold good on this earth.

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A Nuance Regarding A Transfer on Death Deed

In the last post I generally discussed the attractiveness of a transfer on death deed. It is an efficient means by which to pass the house down to loved ones by avoiding probate.

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