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Estate Administration Attorney in Greenwood, IN

What is the best way to settle a loved one’s estate?

An estate administration is a court case.

In some situations, a court case needs to be opened so that a living individual may have a loved one handle his/her financial affairs. Such is a guardianship. As a guardianship attorney, Thomas Vick may assist clients in establishing and maintaining guardianship.

At other times, a court case needs to be opened to settle a person’s financial affairs after death. Such is also a probate or estate administration. Alternatively, it may not be necessary to go to court at all to settle a person’s estate. As an estate administration law firm, Vick Law helps clients settle the estate for a loved one in a fair and efficient manner. Thomas Vick will provide answers to your questions. Some frequently asked questions related to estate administration include:

Confused by the Court's Process?
  1. What is probate?

  2. Can I avoid probate?

  3. What is a small estate affidavit?

  4. My loved one had a trust. What do I need to do to carry out my loved one’s wishes?

  5. What is the difference between a probate asset and a non-probate asset?

  6. Do I need a guardianship for my minor child?

  7. Do I need a guardianship for my adult loved one?

  8. Will I render myself potentially liable if I become the guardian of someone?

  9. My loved one only owned a house. Do we need to open an estate administration?

  10. What happens to my deceased loved one’s debts?

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