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Starting a Nonprofit Organization: The Organizational Meeting

The articles of incorporation have been submitted. The bylaws of the organization have been drafted. What happens next for a nonprofit organization?

The next step is to hold an organizational meeting. An organizational meeting can cover a multitude of topics, but there are at least two topics of critical importance: (1) selecting officers for the organization; and (2) adopting the bylaws.

The organizational meeting involves the board of directors who now have the power to name officers and adopt the bylaws. Minutes of the meeting need to be kept. There may be discussion as to who would be best qualified to serve as President or Treasurer. The board of directors also might discuss what other offices might be useful in addition to the statutory requirements of President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The organizational meeting is an exciting one. Sometimes it is the first instance of the organization's coming together in pursuit of its charitable purposes. When the organizational meeting is well planned, usually clients leave the meeting confident that their charitable purposes will be achieved.