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Temporary Total Disability Payments in Workers Compensation Cases

You were injured at work, and now your injury has resulted in time off work. What do you do?

For injuries in the workplace, the Indiana Code offers some relief. The Indiana Workers Compensation statute mandates that employers with five or more employees to carry workers compensation insurance. This insurance, if it complies with Indiana law, will provide benefits to the employee.

These benefits include temporary total disability payments. These payments amount to 2/3 of the weekly gross income of the employee. While these payments can be a nice benefit during the recovery period after the injury, they do not begin immediately. The employee must be unable to work for a period of 7 days before payments begin. Once payments begin, they will continue until the employee has improved. More specifically, the employee must reach "maximum medical improvement," which only comes after a doctor has evaluated the employee.

(This post is for information purposes only. Contact an attorney regarding your potential workers compensation case.)