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How Do I Support a Child with Special Needs?

Planning for the future of a family member with special needs involves both legal and financial considerations. In a recent article from Wealth Management titled "Financial Planning for Families with Disabilities," the importance of careful preparation is emphasized. While prioritizing the well-being of the disabled individual is paramount, it's equally crucial to secure retirement and the child's future through comprehensive estate planning.

Understanding ABLE Accounts:

Established by Congress in 2014, Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) accounts offer a valuable resource for disabled individuals. These accounts allow ownership of up to $100,000 in assets without affecting eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Parents can make annual contributions to ABLE accounts, providing financial support for expenses not covered by government benefits.

Exploring Pooled Special Needs Trusts:

Pooled Special Needs Trusts offer another avenue for managing assets and securing the future of disabled individuals. Managed by nonprofit organizations, these trusts pool the assets of multiple beneficiaries while maintaining separate accounts. Unlike traditional Special Needs Trusts, participants over the age of 65 can benefit from a pooled trust, making it a versatile option for asset management and eligibility planning.

Safeguarding Medicaid and SSI Eligibility:

One of the most critical responsibilities for parents is safeguarding their child's eligibility for Medicaid and SSI. A well-meaning gift or inheritance from a family member could inadvertently jeopardize these benefits. Consulting with an estate planning attorney is essential to ensure that asset transfers comply with eligibility criteria and protect the disabled individual's access to vital services and support.


Navigating the complexities of financial planning for families with disabilities requires careful guidance and an experienced attorney. Medicaid and SSI eligibility rules are intricate, and a misstep could have significant consequences for your loved one's future. To secure peace of mind and ensure comprehensive protection for your family, schedule a consultation with our experienced estate planning attorneys at Vick Law, P.C.

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Reference: Wealth Management (March 1, 2024) “Financial Planning for Families with Disabilities”

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