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How Do I Create End-of-Life Plan?

Research shows that fewer than one-third of U.S. residents have advanced-care directives or detailed medical instructions in case they can’t communicate their own wishes.
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Who Is the Best Choice for Executor?

Above all, you should choose someone you trust, keeping in mind that acting as a trustee or executor can be a complex, thankless and sometimes long-term job.
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Estate Planning for Family Landowners

As a landowner, planning for the future and ensuring that your property is preserved and passed down to future generations is essential. This article explores how estate planning can help landowners safeguard their legacy and ensure continuity for their family farm or ranch.
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Can I Afford Long-Term Care?

High healthcare costs often do not align with the fixed income of older individuals, raising concerns about affordability and accessibility. We explore the need for long-term care, why Medicare and Medicaid are not long-term options, and estate planning to plan for skilled nursing care proactively.
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Estate Planning for Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline, particularly associated with conditions like Alzheimer's disease, poses significant risks for financial exploitation. This post explores practical estate planning strategies to protect vulnerable individuals when signs of dementia are noticed.
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What Estate Planning Documents do I Need?

Incapacity can happen to anyone at any time, but your risk generally increases as you grow older. Consider what would happen if, for example, you were unable to make decisions or conduct your own affairs.
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