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Do I Need a Will?

"Do I need a will?" Estate planning is a topic that touches the lives of all adults, regardless of age or financial status. In this article, we will demystify the importance of wills, exploring why they are a cornerstone of a well-rounded estate plan and how they play a crucial role in securing your legacy and protecting your loved ones.
09/22/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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What are the Different Types of Trusts?

While a simple living revocable trust often meets the needs of many individuals, some require more specialized trusts to achieve their goals.
09/18/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Tips on How to Pick an Executor

Have you found an executor (also known as a personal representative) to handle your affairs should you become incapacitated or die?
09/14/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Concerned About Your Parents Spending? Consider True Link

In today's world, managing and protecting the financial well-being of our aging parents is a concern shared by many. Elder financial abuse, inadvertent overspending, and the need for controlled spending are some of the challenges faced by both elderly individuals and their caregivers. Fortunately, the True Link Visa® Prepaid Card offers a solution that can […]
09/07/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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What’s So Bad about Cancelling Irrevocable Trust?

Before pulling the plug on an irrevocable trust, it’s important to consider several factors like the potential tax consequences and possible alternative solutions.
09/06/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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How Can I Help My Child Buy a Home?

Parents with resources could purchase the property for the child, but that often does not drive the right incentive. How then, do you get the funds to the child in the most responsible and tax-efficient way?
09/06/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Feud-Free Estate Planning Tips to Pass on Family Heirlooms

There are better—and often more creative—ways to plan and divide that can avoid family squabbles over cars, jewelry, furniture and household items.
08/31/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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7 Tips for Your Estate Planning Checklist

No one ever plans to be sick or disabled. However, planning for the future can make all the difference in an emergency and at the end-of-life. Being prepared and having important documents in a single place can give you peace of mind, help ensure that your wishes are honored and ease the burden on your loved ones.
08/26/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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How to Speak With Mom and Dad About Estate Planning

Estate planning is an activity many families, especially in lower-income communities, don't often use, despite its many benefits. Two-thirds of Americans don't have a will, according to the 2022 survey.
08/25/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Make Power of Attorney Part of Your Estate Plan

Many people will suffer cognitive decline as they age, and that can seriously impact their ability to manage their assets.
08/25/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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