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Can I Afford Long-Term Care?

High healthcare costs often do not align with the fixed income of older individuals, raising concerns about affordability and accessibility. We explore the need for long-term care, why Medicare and Medicaid are not long-term options, and estate planning to plan for skilled nursing care proactively.
05/13/24 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Estate Planning for Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline, particularly associated with conditions like Alzheimer's disease, poses significant risks for financial exploitation. This post explores practical estate planning strategies to protect vulnerable individuals when signs of dementia are noticed.
05/10/24 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Baby Boomers Highlight Significance of Elder Law in Estate Planning

The fact that many baby boomers lack the robust pension and Social Security benefits enjoyed by their predecessors underscores the importance of working with an elder law attorney to plan for financing long-term care and guarding existing assets as they age.
04/05/24 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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When Should I Hire an Elder Law Attorney? A Guide for Seniors and Caregivers

Handling your parent's or spouse's financial affairs and long-term care planning is not for the faint of heart or a task for the unprepared. Having an experienced elder law attorney advocate for you who helps create a comprehensive estate plan benefits the family.
03/29/24 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Incapacity Planning: Safeguarding Your Estate and Future

Establishing an incapacity plan is crucial in estate planning. Learn how to protect your finances and make your wishes known in our comprehensive guide.
03/07/24 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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7 Essential End of Life Documents

End-of-life planning is a crucial aspect of life that often goes unaddressed until it’s too late. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the essential end-of-life documents everyone must prepare, ensuring peace of mind and assuring that your wishes are honored…
01/17/24 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Estate Planning in the New Year

Vick Law, P.C. opens its doors with renewed enthusiasm and dedication to serving your estate planning and elder law needs. We're here to ensure your peace of mind regarding estate planning, elder law, and more. Embracing this new year with open hearts, we're committed to guiding you through the intricacies of legal matters, providing comprehensive support and experience. Contact us today to start the year on the right legal footing and secure your future with confidence.
01/02/24 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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5 Times to Consider an Elder Law Attorney

Elder law focuses on the needs of people over the age of 65. The major areas of this specialty are estate planning, long-term care planning, special needs planning, disability planning, conservatorship or guardianship and elder abuse.
10/30/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Estate Planning Checkup for "Snowbirds"

Did you know 'Snowbirds" may have unique estate planning needs? If you are headed somewhere warm to spend the winter months, you will want to be sure you have everything in order before you go.
10/18/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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When Do I Need an Elder Law Attorney?

Elder Law is more than just a legal field; it's about safeguarding the well-being and dignity of our seniors. At Vick Law, P.C., we understand the significance of addressing the unique challenges that come with aging. Our team is committed to providing legal counsel and solutions in the realm of Elder Law. From estate planning to long-term care, we're here to guide you through every step of the journey. Your peace of mind and financial security are our top priorities. If you or a loved one are navigating the complexities of aging, contact us today. Together, we can ensure a secure and dignified future.
10/12/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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