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Big Emotional Issues in Estate Planning

There is a massive movement of money going on right under our nose. It’s not illegal or unethical. However, it’s fraught with peril.
03/14/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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What Is an Estate Planning Checkup?

An appointment with your estate planning attorney can address any holes that have developed and ensure that everything is in place.
03/08/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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4 Advantages of Putting Your Home in a Trust?

If you have a residence you would like to pass onto loved ones after your death, and you’re worried about your home going into probate, you may want to put your home in a property trust.
03/07/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Busting 4 Common Estate Planning Myths

While thinking about legacy planning can be unpleasant because it involves discussions about incapacity or mortality, it's an important aspect of good financial planning that shouldn't be ignored.
03/01/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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5 Unexpected Probate Costs

Probate is the process of proving a will and settling an estate after an individual (decedent) dies.
02/28/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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What Is a Legal Guardian?

A guardian is someone who is appointed by the courts to assist another with their personal and medical affairs.
02/22/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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What Happens If I Don't Have a Will?

Creating a will should be the first step in a comprehensive estate planning process, since it allows you to make sure that your wishes are properly carried out after your death.
02/21/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Does My Will Have an Expiration Date?

If I have a current will that is about seven to 10 years old, do I have to write up a new will or can I edit the current will?
02/17/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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What You Need to Know About Inheritance

Heirs receiving an inheritance can expect the process to take time. Having a plan for the money and consulting with professionals are also things to keep in mind.
02/15/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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