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3 Benefits Of Creating A Life Estate

A life estate is a form of property ownership that splits control and ownership of a property. The person who creates the life estate for their home and assets is known as the life tenant. Though the tenant retains control of the property, they share ownership during their lifetime with the remainderman, a legal term referring to the estate's heir.
06/20/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Preparation is Key for Estate Planning Success

One major misconception is we simply can tell loved ones what we want to happen for the purposes of health or property distribution and family members can ensure that those wishes are followed.
06/19/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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3 Reasons Why an “I Love You Will" May be a Bad Idea

An ‘I Love You Will’ works great as long as everything goes as planned. However, there are three reasons that kind of will may not love you back.
06/15/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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When Is a Special Needs Trust a Good Idea?

Setting up a trust is one way to transfer wealth to a loved one and create financial stability for them.
06/15/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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What Does “Power of Attorney” Mean?

A power of attorney is a legal document that gives a person the authority to act on another's behalf.
06/13/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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4 Parts of a Living Trust You Need to Know

A living trust is a legal document which places ownership and control of property into a trust, managed by a trustee for your benefit. Living trusts are often used as part of estate planning and can be helpful in case of incapacity.
06/07/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Do Cochlear Implants Help with Cognitive Function?

Cognitive functioning improved 12 months after cochlear implantation for older adults with severe hearing loss and poor cognition, data from a single-center study showed.
06/06/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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3 Ways to Decrease Conflict When Inheritance is Unequal

There are times when it makes sense to leave more to one child than another.
06/05/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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How Do I Talk to My Parents About Estate Planning?

Broaching the subject of estate planning can be difficult, as emotions often run high while discussing end-of-life care and other similar topics. However, having a plan in place can streamline the estate transfer process upon the passing of your loved ones, bringing peace of mind to the whole family.
05/31/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Why Should I Put My Home in a Trust?

When you purchase and own a home, your name is on the title to the property, indicating ownership. However, you can transfer ownership of your residence to another person or entity in the form of a real estate trust.
05/31/23 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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