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Meet Our Paralegal: Brandon Okes

Meet Brandon Okes, the paralegal at Vick Law, P.C. as he tells about himself and why he is passionate about elder law & estate planning.

In 2021 I graduated from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), majoring in Law in Liberal Arts with a minor in Political Science. I also received my certification through IUPUI’s paralegal program and was a member of the Indiana Collegiate Press Association

Before Vick Law, P.C., I worked my way through college as a full-time supervisor at Walmart. While at Walmart, I was selected as the store representative and served as the HR Manager.

Why Elder Law and Estate Planning

The legal profession is a calling that often leads individuals down unexpected paths, shaping their careers and personal growth. For me the decision to specialize in elder law and estate planning as a paralegal at Vick Law, P.C.was driven by a deep personal connection and a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of seniors and their families.

As a paralegal in the realm of elder law and estate planning, I have the privilege of working closely with individuals and families during critical stages of their lives. Being able to provide support, compassion, and guidance to those navigating complex legal matters brings me a deep sense of fulfillment. I am committed to ensuring that seniors and their loved ones have the tools and resources they need to protect their assets, make informed decisions, and secure their legacies for future generations.

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