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Will My Home Be a Gift or Burden to My Kids?

For financial and sentimental reasons, many people want to leave their homes to their children.  However, there are many reasons making this a bad idea, says the article “Generational Wealth: 7 Reasons to NOT Leave the Family Home to Your Children” from yahoo! finance.

Homes are transferred to children in several ways. However, each has drawbacks, from tax liabilities to the risk of losing the family home entirely. Here are how homes are typically transferred:

A Probate Hold Up. If the home is left to the children in your will, it could get tangled up in the probate process. Probate could hold up the transfer of the home by months or even years. If the house is tied up in probate, who will take on the tasks of paying the mortgage, if there is one, maintaining the home and paying bills? Who will protect the house from vandalism, squatters, or thefts if it is vacant?

Capital Gains Taxes. If the house is left to the children and they decide to sell it, they may have to pay a capital gains tax if the home has appreciated since the owner’s death. If the home is gifted to the children before you die and they sell it at a future date, they’ll have to pay capital gains taxes based on the market value of the house when they received it and the sale price. Where will the money for these taxes come from?

More Taxes to Consider. If you place the home in a living trust and instruct it to be transferred to the children upon your death, you have not shielded it from estate taxes. If you do this to reduce assets to qualify for Medicaid, the living trust is still a countable asset in most states. Your estate planning attorney will know how this might impact your estate and your Medicaid accountability.

What if Your Children Lose the House? Gifting the home to your children, adding them to the deed while you are living, or even selling the home to them exposes the house to risk. The home may face foreclosure if any person on the deed has financial difficulties and can’t make the mortgage payments. If they go through a divorce, the house will be considered a marital asset. Your years of paying the mortgage and caring for the home will evaporate.

Do They Want the House? Parents who feel generous may assume their children want their home when they might not. They will see it as yet another piece of unfinished business left for them to manage when their own lives might be very busy with their own children and careers. If they grew up in the home and have fond memories of it, this will make selling it even harder.

Can They Afford the House? Not every child enjoys financial success. If they can’t afford a mortgage, property taxes, utility bills and the inevitable costs of home ownership, like replacing a roof, etc., home ownership may become a huge burden. If “forced” into possession via inheritance, they may have to sell it at a lower cost to get out from under the bills.

Will They Fight Over the House? Families experiencing grief are not in the best place to make big decisions and are vulnerable to spats that rise to legal disputes. If one child is living in the house and wants to keep it, will they be able to buy out the other’s shares of ownership? A discussion of what you all want to happen with the house and what is realistic needs to occur. This should be followed by a conversation with your estate planning attorney to have the plan made, whether it’s part of your will or another type of agreement.

As you contemplate the future of your family home, it's crucial to weigh these factors carefully. Consulting with Vick Law, P.C. ensures that your estate plan is tailored to protect your legacy and mitigate potential risks. Let's navigate this journey together — book a call with us today to secure the future of your family's generational wealth.

Reference: yahoo! finance (Dec. 11, 2023) “Generational Wealth: 7 Reasons to NOT Leave the Family Home to Your Children”

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