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IRS Extends Portability Election Option by 3 Years

Portability allows spouses to combine their exemption from estate and gift tax. This allows a surviving spouse to use the unused estate tax emption of the deceased spouse.
09/06/22 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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What Happens When Business Owners Divorce?

No one enters a relationship — be it personal or business — thinking it will fail. However, what happens when it does?
09/01/22 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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What is the First Sign of Cognitive Decline?

Certain habits can signal cognitive impairment.
08/30/22 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Do I Have to Pay My Spouse’s Debt?

If husband and wife did not own together or separately any land, a house, a boat etc. but only rented a home and had no children, is the surviving spouse responsible to pay medical bills that insurance did not cover?
08/30/22 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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3 Tax Issues to Consider When Estate Planning

Avoidance of estate taxes is one consideration in estate planning.
08/29/22 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Are ABLE Accounts and Special Needs Trust the Same?

Because of astronomical costs of care and support—often more than $100,000 per year—most individuals with disabilities will need government assistance, such as Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid.
08/25/22 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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3 Antioxidants Connected to Lower Dementia Risk

Can eating the right foods help lower your risk of dementia? A recent study suggests that tantalizing possibility.
08/24/22 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Can Trusts Create Generational Wealth?

One type of trust, the qualified perpetual trust, can be used to pass assets down to your beneficiaries, decade after decade.
08/22/22 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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3 Ways Inflation Hits Retirees

Inflation hurts everyone. It seems to reach every sector, product and business in one way or another, whether it raises the cost of heating your home, lunches or road trips. However, if you’re a retiree, you may be particularly worried about inflation because your spending habits and income sources might be disproportionately exposed to inflation.
08/22/22 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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Can Beneficiary Designations Be Challenged?

Retirement accounts fall into a category of assets that pass to heirs directly outside of the will and are not subject to probate. That is, if the paperwork is in order.
08/19/22 • by: Vick Law, P.C.
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